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Tasks and Committees


Your participation is needed and is important. No prior experience is necessary. All that is needed is the desire to help the team have a quality hockey experience. Please contact one of your trustees listed below for additional information, thank you!

Task Association Jerome Contact
Ice Scheduling
Bus Scheduling n/a Trustee
Do It For Daron D.I.F.D.
EMT Scheduling Trustee
Referee Scheduling Trustee
Game Operations/DIBS Volunteer Management
Away Game Meal Coordination n/a
Team Photographer
Locker Room
Locker Name Tags
Jersey, Uniforms & Equipment
Line up, Scoresheet
Score Reporting to The Dispatch n/a
Senior Night S Brown/B Murphy
Senior Banners
Web Sites
Allgeyer Tournament
Allgeyer Baskets
Allgeyer Volunteers
Team Program Trustees
Phone Cards P. Murphy
Team Poster P. Murphy w/ Trustees
Player Registration Website Trustees
Alum Game
Apparel Webstore, logo, graphics revisions? P Williams