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Summer League Registration, Teams, and Schedules

Summer League 2018

Sign up for the Chiller Summer League is underway.  Cost for the season is $140 (jersey not included).  Games will be played primarily on Saturday nights, starting June 9th and running through July 23rd.  Playoffs will be July 24th-31st.  Registration is open to those attending high school this fall. Note that this is a non checking league.

Players will be associated with their respective schools at the varsity level. Returning varsity players will be placed on a roster first and then additional roster openings will be filled by players attending that school. If there are more players than roster openings, players may be placed on a roster by positional need. Depending on the number of players, teams may be combined with players from different schools based on need.  The summer league director has the final decison on the rosters.

Forms required are The Chiller Release Form, The Sign Up Summer League Form, and a current copy of the players USA Hockey registration.

Required forms and a check payable to DHSHA

Games Begin June 9, 2018 


Required Forms:
- Chiller release form.
- Sign up summer league form.
Current copy of the players USA Hockey registration. 
 - Check for $140 made payable to DHSHA.

Mail above forms with check payable to DHSHA:
Dublin High School Hockey Association
PO Box 2061
Dublin, OH 43017

Upon receipt of forms and payment, names will be added to the below rosters within 7 days. Rosters are subject to change.  Questions, comments, and suggestions, please contact Keith Willis.

2018 Summer Rosters (Subject to Change)

Western Division Schedule

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Celts Black

Name Pos #
1 DiPaolo, A F
2 Mlicki, Gavin D
3 Bishopp, D D
4 Boroff, TJ F
5 Wagner, N G
6 Gray, J D
7 L. Hale F
8 Duffy, C D
9 Cho, S F
10 Wagner, A G
11 Beuslinck, C D
12 Ryan, J F
13 Kunzelman, J F
14 Moseby, J D
15 Heinlen G
16 Lacksonen, A D
17 Berchold, A F

Dublin Irish/Rocks - Black

Name Pos #
1 Waizman, Z Goalie -
2 Gast, M F/D -
3 Smith, AG F/D -
4 Connelly, S F -
5 Cui, E F -
6 Hendricks, K F -
7 Jeronimo, T G -
8 Langworthy,A F -
9 Morrris, C F -
10 North, O F -
11 Obenour, B F -
12 Scheflin, N F -
14 Simone, L F -
15 Swick,W F -
16 Waizman, AJ F -
17 Wallace, R F -
18 Gould, N D -
19 Levings, B D -
20 McGowan,S D -
21 Megahan, L Goalie - Sub
22 Pace, W Goalie-Sub

Eastern Division Schedule

click to open standings and schedule.

Celts Gold

Name Pos #
1 Bishopp, M G
2 Augenstein, N F
3 Tyson, J D
4 Kolenda, O D
5 Moses, J D
6 Weaver, JP F
7 Jenkins, R D
8 Shea,E F
9 Wagner, N G
10 Choung, B F
11 French, E F
12 Miller, D F
13 Comfort, V D
14 Heinlen, K G
15 Kish, M. F
16 Mavrouleas F
17 Mlicki, A F
18 Comfort, R. F
19 Kunzelman, N. D

Dublin Rocks - Green

Name Pos #
1 Megahan, W Goalie
2 Pace, W Goalie
3 Andrews, C F
4 Broadfoot, G F
5 Hoover, K F
6 Kididis, B F
7 Kididis, W F
8 Kim, B F
9 Schepflin, B F
10 Stavroff, H F
11 Willis, A F
12 Berzin, T F/D
13 Curtin, J D
14 Mitchel, E D
15 Tate, W D
16 Willis, C D -
17 Scholl, B D
18 Baugh-Mahoney F