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Association Sponsors Celts Irish Rocks JV Allgeyer Tournament

2010-11 Team


Third Row: AJ Early, Tommy Cox, Steven Panchyshyn

Second Row: Joel Myatt, Ryan Druseikis, Nathan Schuman, Matt Smith, Matt Terry

Front Row: Gregory Strine, Sam O'Brien




1st semester GPA 3.75 or higher

Michael Bennett

Ryan Druseikis

Sam O’Brien

Kevin Putnam

Matt Smith

Matt Terry

Allen Yi


1st semester GPA 3.5-3.74

Mason Cessna

Gregory Strine

Dublin Coffman Shamrocks YouTube Trailer

Get excited about Dublin Coffman hockey! This video illustrates the skill, intensity and teamwork required to be a winner on the ice.

Rocks Hockey Hooligans



Coffman Hockey players appreciate having the best student fan!!! 



Hockey Hooligans ROCK!!!!

Rocks vs Nelson

Summary: The Rocks had the early lead and the Lords simply wore them down with physical play and a very methodical approach to their game. They didn't overhandle the puck and made crisp, short passes to move up the ice. The Rocks appeared to run out of gas in the final period and did not have an answer when the Lords turned up the pressure. Sometimes these guys act like they invented the game. -- Read the full story by Chuck Putnam click on link above.

Rocks vs Jerome

Summary: In retrospect, this story could have been the same as the one for the Nelson game, just delete Nelson and insert Jerome. Both contests found the Rocks moving up to 2-0 leads and appearing to be in control of the game. They are starting to resemble the Columbus Blue Jekylls in their ability to move from in charge to casual observer in the bat of an eye. A nice job by Jerome of discovering their motivation somewhere in the second period and taking over from that point on. League play opens next weekend and the Rocks hope to have most of their forwards back in the line up for tough back to back games against Olentangy Orange and Olentangy Liberty. -- Read the full story by Chuck Putnam click on the link above.

Rocks vs Orange

Summary: It is always a nice thing to record the shut out and kudos to Mr. Burich for holding up his end of the deal in this game. There were not an abundance of shots in this game and much of it was playing in the Pioneer end of the ice. The Rocks will play later this evening and face one of the Canadian entries in this year's tournament. -- Read the full story by Chuck Putnam click on the link above.

Rocks vs Braves

Summary: I am sure players on both benches were scratching their heads after this one. Neither team would have predicted this outcome when you know the players available on both squads. Dublin finally showed some killer instinct by burying a team that they had down early. Lots of scoring, but solid defensive play all night kept a potent Brave's offense in check. The Rocks continue tournament play early tomorrow against Sycamore with a 7:10 a.m. game at the Dublin Chiller. -- Read the full story by Chuck Putnam click on the link above.

Rocks vs Sycamore

Summary: Dublin pounced early and looked like a pack of wild dogs pursuing Lady Gaga in her Sirloin sundress today. The Rocks hope to have some energy tonight as they play the Lancers from Gilmour Academy at 9:40 tonight. -- Read the full story by Chuck Putnam click on link above.

Rocks vs Irish

"It all ended in two A game cleanly played Still clearly one sided, But please don't be dismayed. Scioto's time is coming, When they will light the lamps. Shake hands, hold heads high, You all skated like champs. The Rocks brace for the Celtics. Who will emerge as the heroes? Right now our money's on Nathan, And his growing string of zeroes." To read the full poetic story by Chuck Putnam, click on the link above.

Senior Night 2011

Thanks to the leadership of Karen Putnam and the assistance of many parents, Senior Night was huge success!   The team rocked in a huge victory over Gahanna and Senior families looked great in this final on home ice.

Note regarding pictures:  All pictures were taken in both low and high resolution modes.   Due to file size considerations, all pictures uploaded to this website are low resolution only.  A high resolution version of each picture can be obtained by request.  The high res images will provide additional clarity and color composition and are more suitable for enlargements, cropping, etc.