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ODHC (Olentangy Dublin Hockey Club)

Post-Season 2012-13

Off to the finals! Victory over Newark

Results from the third round of the CBJ JV Tourneyment.

The Green posted a two goal shut out and earned a trip to the CBJ Cup finals.

Zack Shemancik and Matt Hattenback each scored on the power play in the win.

Stars of the game

#1:  Goalie, Zack Klein: Shut out - 14 stops.

#2:  Forward, Matt Hattenback: 1 goal, 1 assist, 3 hits

#3:  Forward, Zack Shemancik: 1 goal, 3 hits

JV Green Victory over Upper Arlington

Results from the second round of the CBJ JV Tourneyment.

The Green tallied four goals includind a short hander to win 4 to 2 at the Ice Works.

Nick Kennedy, Alex Schepflin, Scott Cameron, and Jeff Cianca scored a goal each.  Goalie, Zack Klein, stopped 9 of the 11 shots he faced.

Stars of the game

#1:  Forward, Nick Kennedy: 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 hits

#2:  Forward, Alex Schepflin: 1 goal, 2 assist, 1 hit

#3:  Forward, Scott Cameron: 1 goal, 1 hit

JV Green Victory over the PRPC

Results from the first round of the CBJ JV Tourneyment.

The Green took the lead from beginning and never looked back winning 7 to 1 at the Ice Haus.

Alex Schepflin led the way with four scores.  Danny Dicks, Jeff Cianca, and Matt Hattenback scored as well.

Stars of the game

#1:  Forward, Alex Schepflin: 4 goals, 1 assist, 4 +/-, 2 hits

#2:  Forward, Jeff Cianca: 1 goal, 2 assist, 3 +/-, 1 hit

#3:  Goalie, Nick Lane: Stopped 15 of 16 shots

JV Green Victory over the Generals of Newark

There was lots of scoring. The Green skated four men down but were able to post a 10 - 2 win.

Alex Schepflin led the way with a hat trick.  Zack Shemancik and Mike Aman each tallied two goals.  Kellen VanDeCarr, Jeff Cianca, and Matt Hattenback scored as well.   Goalies, Nick Lane and Zach Klein, stopped 16 of 18 shots on goal. 

Stars of the game

#1:  Forward, Alex Schepflin: 3 goals, 3 assists, 7 +/-

#2:  Defense, Mike Aman: 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 +/-

#3:  Forward, Kellen VanDeCarr: 1 goal, 1 assist, 6 +/-

JV Green Victory over St. Xavier

Stars of the game

Zack Shemancik and Logan Ackley each tallied two goals to lead Green to a 6 to 2 win.  Alex Schepflin and Mike Aman scored as well.   Goalie, Zach Klein, stopped 11 of 13 shots on goal.  The victory allows JV-Green to secure second place in the Capitol Hockey Conference.

#1:  Forward, Zack Shemancik: 2 goals, 1 assist

#2:  Forward, Logan Ackley: 2 goals

#3:  Forward, Alex Schepflin: 1 goal, 3 assist

Klein is star of the game as JV Green beats JV White

Goalie, Zach Klein, turned in his best performance of the season as JV-GREEN beat JV-WHITE, 2-1.  Stopping 25 of 26 shots on goal, Klein stood tall against rival JV-White.  The victory allows JV-Green to remain securely in second place in the Capitol Hockey Conference.  Both teams gave an all out effort in this annual event where defense prevailed throughout the contest.  Alex Schephlin put Green on the board first and we never relinquished the lead.  Scott Cameron countered with a second goal, with Wyatt Russel assisting on both scores.


#1:  Goalie, Zack Klein

#2:  Forward, Alex Schephlin

#3:  Defense, Wyatt Russell


Next game:  Dublin JV-Green vs Upper Arlington (Feb 3 @ 2:30 - Nationwide Ice Haus)

2013 JV Green Team Photo

2013 JV Green: Front Row: Van deCarr, Dicks, Mosser, Lane, Klein, Kennedy, Schepflin, Back Row: Coach Beer, Ackley, Turk, Cameron (Asst.), Cianca, Martin (Capt.), Barnett, Shemancik, Aman, Russell (Asst.), Coach Derr, [not pictured: Hattenbach]