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Dublin High School Hockey Association

Registration 2019-2020 Dublin High School Hockey Season is Open

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Chiller Summer League

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2018 - CBJ Cup Champs - Dublin Jerome Varsity

Jerome JV - Winners of the Mark Rasmus Tournament (JV Division)

2018 Allgeyer Tournament Varsity Champs - Dublin Jerome!

Commencing In


2018 Adam Allgeyer Memorial Showcase, 4-Game Guarantee

The tournament will consist of sanctioned Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Club teams. Play will commence Thursday, November 29th for local teams and Friday November 30th for out of town teams then conclude Sunday December 2nd.
If you are considering participation in the 2018 Tournament, please the contact Tournament Director by September 1st to discuss format and other arrangements. Please note that we are targeting receipt of Tournament Applications and payments by October 1st. Thank you!



This tournament is about a boy, son, who loved the game of hockey.  His love for the game was really a love for the idea of a team.  He loved his team.   He was a team player in the true sense of the word.  To him, hockey was all about working together, playing together, sacrificing together for the common good of the team.  Through this idea we should all learn that life is about  the "team".

This tournament is also about loss and what that means.  Adam lost his life in an automobile accident when he was a Junior at Dublin Coffman High School.  This was a big loss for the "team".  We, his parents lost a son,  our children lost a brother, everyone else lost a friend and a teammate.  Everyone, that day, lost a very real portion of themselves.

Since that day,  I have learned how important our relationships are, friends, family, siblings, teammates, acquaintances.  We are so important to each other.  We really are made up of little pieces of our relationships.  All of our interactions become a real part of us and remain such our entire lives.

I think the lesson to learn here is how very special, important  and integral we are to everyone of our friends and they to us.  I know at times each of us thinks we are so unimportant and disconnected and that we may not have friends and no one cares about us.  The reality is we are ever so important and special to each other.  We, and they, often don't know or think of this, but it is true.  We only learn this with the loss of a loved one.

This tournament is about friendship and remembering to take care of it.  You are so greatly loved and so important in all of your relationships that you need to take great care of yourself.

Happiness is a full team.  Work hard.  Play hard.  Have fun.  Most of all, take care of yourself and your teammates.

Stephen Allgeyer

44 - JV Division (2018)

Dublin Jerome JV  - Celts
Dublin Scioto - Irish
Olentangy Liberty JV - Patriots
New Albany JV - Eagles
Olentangy Orange JV - Pioneers
Olentangy JV - Braves

44 - Varsity Division (2018)

Dublin Coffman - Rocks

Dublin Jerome - Celts

Olentangy - Braves

Olentangy Orange - Pioneers

Olentangy Liberty - Patriots

Padua Franscian - Bruins

New Albany - Eagles

Scholarship Information

Following the untimely death of their son Adam who was a hockey player for the Dublin Club Hockey Team, the Allgeyer family encouraged supporters to make donations in Adam's name to the Dublin High School Hockey Association (DHSHA). With these contributions, DHSHA established and is the custodian of a separate Allgeyer Fund. One of the purposes of the Allgeyer Fund is to provide scholarships of financial assistance to families that may not be able to afford the annual cost of Ice Hockey. Applicants shall be in good standing with the association, participate in at least two major fundraising activities (Memorial, 50/50, DIF), and must be willing to commit to volunteer 8 hours for either the Allgeyer Tournament, DIFD, or another DHSHA event.  Deadline for application is Oct 1st. The President will, convene the Allgeyer Scholarship Committee. The Association's Treasurer will be a standing member of the Committee. The President will be a non-voting member of the Committee however will facilitate the decision making process. All information provided to the Committee is anonymous. The Committee will confidentially review and respond to all requests. A response from the Committee may require an interview with the player and/or the player's parent(s). Eligibility and consideration will be based on the availability of funds, number of requests and academic eligibility.

For more information, please contact the DHSHA President. 

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Mission Statement

The Association was formed to provide financial and other support for Ohio High School Athletic Association (“OHSAA”) sanctioned (“Varsity”) hockey programs at all Dublin high schools, and such club teams (“Club”) as are necessary to operate a well-rounded program.
The Association’s goals are:

  1. To provide a positive high school hockey and academic experience for Dublin City School District ("District") students.
  2. For its programs to be competitive statewide.
  3. For its players and parents to be ambassadors for the District and the game of hockey.

Board members shall, to the extent possible, make decisions which are best for all players within the Association.